2020 CMAs Reaction

2020 CMAs Reaction

Seeing that Charlie Puth was performing at a Country Music Awards show made me want to projectile vomit all over the television. Dude, fix your stupid eyebrow.

Darius Rucker was clearly a novice host but I commend anyone on that stage trying to be a decent presenter during these ‘unprecedented times’. Darius got back to his comfort zone during his performance and it was evident, although the song was mediocre at best. 

Justin Bieber with Dan + Shay. Why’d these choch monkeys have to perform in a different venue? Is there anything more arrogant? I actually don’t hate that from Justin. The move says “Come to me. I’m the biggest star in the world and the only way I’ll perform is from home”. Stil, this was supposed to be the country awards for Christ sake.

Church delivered musically as expected. Look wise, is Eric going grey up top? Also, I’ve forgotten what he looks like without sunglasses on. 

I was too distracted during Morgan Wallen’s performance to evaluate because his electric guitar player looked like the goth kid in your middle school gym class that always got out of running the mile and wore those chubby Osiris shoes with neon green and pink laces. 

If Ashley Mcbryde was the bartender at your local dive bar, your loyalty would be solid as a rock. Any secret is safe with her. She’s seen some things. She’s got your back. She’ll rip through a pack of bogeys with you and keep up in drinking until you have to see yourself home.

Jon Pardi’s tribute to Joe Diffie was awesome. Seeing Tara Diffie at the end of that performance was the first scene to strike a nerve all night. Now let’s see if there is any John Prine tribute. If there isn’t, that’s a big time negative statement being made by Nashville. 

That guy from Lady Antebellum is the kind of guy that hits on his best friend's girlfriend whenever he leaves the room. 

Brooks and Dunn being nominated for duo of the year is good news, but it’s probably just pandering. The other duos in the category prove that - especially Dan + Shay winning the award. There’s bad, 50 feet of dog dookie, and then Dan + Shay. These guys were definitely best friends with the drama teacher. 

Darius Rucker and Reba doing a Mac Davis tribute was worth watching. Sucks for Darius having to change outfits so many times, though. 

Miranda’s performance was really good. One of the best of the night. However, she kind of had the crazy eyes going. She just kind of looks like she has nothing to lose and I’m not sure why. No one is more dangerous than a woman or man with nothing to lose. I might just be blowing smoke.

Jimmie Allen seems to be on the same team as Dan + Shay. I usually root for newer artists that march down to music row, but he’s been pop from the start. As I was writing this, Jimmie started giving a sweet tribute to Charley Pride, and now they’re playing together. Maybe I should give Jimmie another chance? By the way, Charley Pride is cooler than anyone at that awards show. 

Charley is a man's man. Admitting he’s nervous on a stage where the audience doesn’t touch his excellence. Very humbling speech. 

Finally, Stapleton performs “Starting Over”. The rendition Morgane and Chris did of the tune at this show is significantly better than the single. This performance was a raw refreshment from other performances tonight.

I genuinely feel bad for Ingrid Andres for having to sing immediately after Stapleton, but someone had to do it. For the fellas, “More Hearts than Mine” is a guilty pleasure song. If you’re still reading at this point, you’re likely a hopeless romantic who appreciates top tier literature, so I hope my last statement is safe with you.

Luke Combs winning album of the year was wildly predictable, at least from a popularity standpoint. 

Do weird things happen behind the scenes with Little Big Town? It’s a fair question that most people are wondering simultaneously as they perform. Sorry to take your spotlight Kenny. 


Skipping a few events, there’s only one award that anybody genuinely cares about from this clown fest and that’s Entertainer of the year. Chief brings this one home this year.  IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. Eric Church, year in and year out, has been putting on some of the best tours out of anyone in the genre. He has more than paid his due. He’s seemingly nominated every year, and every year is snubbed by artists like… Garth Brooks…? It’s refreshing to see a hard working artist like Eric Church finally getting his due. It’s been a long time coming, even if, as he said “If there was ever a year NOT to win this award..” Thank you 2020 for not fucking this one up.

Special excerpt on Charley Pride:

Charley Pride’s first ever public appearance was in Detroit, Michigan in front of about 18,000 white southerners. When introduced the crowd went nuts, that was until Pride walked onto the stage, and for the first time his fans saw the color of his skin. A hush fell among the crowd. Charley then addressed the crowd and said “Ladies and gentlemen I realize it’s kind of unique me coming out here on a country show wearing this permanent tan”. That was in 1966. Today Charley Pride received the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the age of 86, and performed one of his TWENTY-NINE #1 hits ‘Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’ on the biggest stage in country music. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. Charley Pride is a true hero in country music.


Oh yeah, no Florida Georgia Line performance. Guess it wasn’t all half bad after all. Shoutout to Aldean for doing a decent job of “Devil Went Down To Georgia,” RIP Charlie.

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