American Cure for Post Election Blues/Return from Cloud 9

American Cure for Post Election Blues/Return from Cloud 9

Whether you’re shattered with disappointment or coming off a high from the media’s announcement that the 46th President of the United States will be Joe Biden, Sundays are peaceful grounds for American society as we regroup from detrimental weekend activities and watch football. 

There’s one thing players from both teams have in common on the Sabbath: plopping our overweight rear-ends in the crevice of our favorite chairs, shamelessly eating, and turning our brains off for a few hours as Tony Romo predicts the future and we get to see the results in real time.  

As we experience many changes in the near future, I know that this piece of our social fabric will not change, and that brings my heart warmth and comfort. So instead of writing an angry hit piece on how the Dems stole the election or an in-your-face, arrogant post that no one cares about, fix your eyes on the grown men who knock heads all day on TV for the greater good. 

And for all the folks down in the dumps today, may God bring you a much needed fantasy win. 

Enjoy this preposterous call montage from Tony Romo:


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