Chris Young Releases New Song 'Rescue Me'

Chris Young Releases New Song 'Rescue Me'

Starting off with "Girl, I could be your superman, yeah I could leap them tall, tall buildings for ya" over a computerized drum loop, Chris Young is back with "Rescue Me" from his upcoming album, Famous Friends, the title track of his collaboration with Kane Brown.

Every time I see there's new music from Chris Young, I still instantly get excited and have high hopes, even if I'm disappointed at times. The guy has always been underrated in the Country music genre, with an, at times, under-appreciated voice, considering he has over ten No. 1 hits.

If I were Chris Young, it's no doubt I would've stuck with the sound of music he made from his first 4 albums but the production on Rescue Me is actually pretty good and his vocals are nothing short of amazing.

Continuing the whole song with the "Superman" comparison, Chris sings;

"What's it matter if I save the world? If you don't promise me before you take this ring, and rescue me."

Dak Prescott seems to be in Chris Young's corner as well, being featured in the pre-order announcement video Chris posted to social media. Check out both videos below.



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