Cody Johnson Debuts New 'Dear Rodeo' Music Video With Reba

Cody Johnson Debuts New 'Dear Rodeo' Music Video With Reba

Oh boy, this is good.

With a long intro of reminiscing and a feeling of mixed emotions, Cody Johnson teams up with Reba McEntire in a music video for his new single 'Dear Rodeo' and it's everything you could possibly imagine times ten.

Now, I don't want to hype it up so much that you're disappointed when you watch and listen, but this is something special.

On top of already having a traditional sound, Cody Johnson loves music from the 90's and is still currently seeking songs that were written in that era to cut on his next album. So it's no surprise he features one of the best from that time, and probably of all time.

In a sit down with the pair, Reba says one of the main reasons she fell in love and recorded on the song is her rodeo background before country music. "It took me to the 70's when I realized my rodeo career was going absolutely nowhere." For Cody, it was kind of a break up song. "I was addressing issues that I had never addressed before. Jealousy and regret."

Cody states that the song was sad for him in the beginning, now hearing it in a different light with Reba, it brings him joy. Let's make this single fly to number 1 on country radio and up for many, many awards this year.





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