Cody Johnson Releases New Double Album 'Human'

Cody Johnson Releases New Double Album 'Human'

First things first, this is NOT an album review.

On the very rare occasions that I actually sit down to write out a thorough review of an album, I listen to that shit probably 20 times over a few days. I have to know what it sounds like when I'm sober, buzzed, drunk, medium drunk, medium-rare drunk, well done drunk. Gotta know how it sounds while cleaning the house, while drivin' around in my truck (with the windows both down AND up) and who knows, maybe a couple on the radio while in the bedroom.

But regardless, Cody Johnson's highly anticipated new double album is, in fact,  officially here. "I live in an industry where the cowboy hat is not as popular. With 'Dear Rodeo,' one of the reasons why it didn't get played on a lot of radio stations in different markets was because, and I quote 'It was too rodeo for radio.' Human sounded almost like a 'Dear Rodeo' part two."

With "Till You Can't" being the lead single off his new record, Cody has been consistently releasing 2 new songs out every Friday for weeks, making this album one that we've already heard half of.

Still, it doesn't get better (or more Country) this this. Y'all go purchase and stream the record, now. It's damn good.


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