Corey Kent and Kolby Cooper Release New Song 'Ain't My Day'

Corey Kent and Kolby Cooper Release New Song 'Ain't My Day'

First things first, Corey Kent is the real deal.

I just discovered the guys music within the past year after watching him on Team Blake from The Voice, but his music has made the playlist on the boat, in the truck, and as one hell of an addition to a cigarette and a whiskey bottle at midnight...on many occasions.

Today, he releases a brand new drinkin' song with one of my favorite up and coming artists, Kolby Cooper. And Seeing that Grant Gilbert (shoutout "Held On To") and Jack Hummel were co-writers on the track, I knew "Ain't My Day" was going to be a a hit.

The two pair really well together, kind of like Koe and Austin Meade's collaboration "Happier Alone." In regards to their new collaboration, Kent says "Kolby and I are playing a ton of shows together and it just hit me, it had to be a duet."

And a damn good duet it is.

"Spend my cash, smoke my stash, and she took every last beer I had / 
My second home just down the road's got a neon light / it ain't my day so I'm drinkin' tonight."

Just when I was trying to sober up. Thanks, a lot.

(Hop on the Kolby and Corey bandwagon y'all, it's gonna be fun.)


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