New 'Dicked Down In Dallas' Is A Must Listen Song

New 'Dicked Down In Dallas' Is A Must Listen Song

She’s gettin’ dicked down in Dallas
Railed out in Raleigh
Tag-teamed up in Tennessee
Analed in Austin, butt fucked in Boston
Givin’ neck down in New Orleans
Puttin’ me through hell, fuckin’ someone else
Now I’m the one on my knees, prayin’ she’ll come back
Gimmе that sweet ass, but I already know she’s
gettin’ dickеd down in Dallas.”

Nope, those aren't lyrics from a Wheeler Walker Jr. song, they're from new artist Trey Lewis. And yep, I had never heard the name until today either.

But check your iTunes charts and you'll see 'Dicked Down In Dallas' sitting right at number 1 over "Body" by Megan Thee Stallion and "Bang!" by AJR at numbers 2 and 3. That's a pretty huge deal for a guy who only went viral on Tiktok. 

The lyrics in the song are not only funny (and hell, maybe even sorta relatable) but it's actually a damn good song. With that said, Trey also made sure the title of the song was eye catching and made you want to listen. I think that's why it's having such success.

Congrats Trey. Gonna go stream the rest of your music now. 

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