Did Sturgill Simpson Just Stick it to the CMAs Again?

Did Sturgill Simpson Just Stick it to the CMAs Again?


Dare I say 2020 has started taking a turn toward the positive? Sturgill and the Hillbilly Avengers have been murdering the scene lately. 

I can typically tell whether or not someone is legitimately a country music fan on whether or not they know/love Austin City Limits. Some of the best live music ever has been produced during the course of Austin City Limits existence. Austin is notorious for having quality live music and ACL sits on the throne of this foundation. 

Sturgill coming out with spectacular news such as this was to be expected following the CMAs considering his historical rivalry with the association, but I am still mildly surprised or at least reveled.

Below you can enjoy Sturgill protesting the CMAs amidst its happening. I LOVE this video and that Stu leads the charge against the phony posers that organize the awards. Suck it Nashville.



An example of ACL greatness for your viewing pleasure:

Suck it again Nashville. John Prine had more preeminence in his own being than the conglomeration of Nashville song writers do all together today. 

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