Donald Trump Jr. Shows Support For Jason Aldean’s Comments

Donald Trump Jr. Shows Support For Jason Aldean’s Comments

Okay, I tried to stay away from all this Jason Aldean and anti-Biden shit, I really did. But here we are....

Quite frankly, Jason and wife, Brittany, already revealed their politics during the election so to me, this is not as newsworthy as it has been played out. Of course, it would be covered, but it's made national headlines over and over and over.

However, what's cool (or not cool to some, I guess) is that Donald Trump Jr. caught wind of it and shared a headline that read "Jason Aldean defends wife after her anti-Biden clothing draws attacks" to his Instagram story. It also showed Aldean's comments saying "If you think what's happening in America is 'great' you're delusional." with a "100" emoji, showing support for the Country singers comments.

Jason Aldean then caught wind of Trump Jr.'s story and shared that story to his story, and now I'm writing a story about those stories. (I think I'm still drunk from the night before, whoops.) 

But any who, we love when people agree with us and hate when they don't. However, regardless of your politics, it's hard to come out Conservative when you're a celebrity because people paint you as a racist and a bigot. So respect to Aldean. I'd still play the fuck out of his music regardless of his politics because I don’t give a shit, however.


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