Eric Church Throws Jab At Garth Brooks

Eric Church Throws Jab At Garth Brooks

Back in 2019, fans of Eric Church were frustrated when he lost to Garth Brooks at the 53rd annual CMA award show for Entertainer Of The Year. Eric Church fed into that frustration and took a few jabs at the legend, Garth, himself.

Shortly after the award show, Church held a concert in D.C., where it was reported that multiple fans of his held signs up that read, "Eric Church is the ACTUAL Entertainer Of The Year." Eric apparently saw the signs and said to the crowd; "Listen, I'm fine with it, but you done pissed the wrong crowd off."

As a country music fan and someone who regularly pays attention and covers it, everyone talks this kind of "shit," especially when speaking to their own fan base at their own show. However, Church took it a few steps further..

At the end of the show, Church took the final and major jab at Garth while covering the song 'Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?"

Towards the end of the song, Church changed the lyrics to "I know Garth didn't do it this way."

When Garth Brooks responded, he chose to try to be understanding and admitted that he feels his fan base would've felt the same way. However, it obviously tugged on Garth because the following year, he pulled his name out of the CMA Entertainer Of The Year nomination.

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