Florida Georgia Line Releases New Song 'New Truck'

Florida Georgia Line Releases New Song 'New Truck'

Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse. 

There was a time when FGL was the biggest thing in country music. As far as mainstream goes, it went Jason Aldean to Luke Bryan, to FGL, to Thomas Rhett, and now Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen. None of those other guys have "fell off," there's just something new and fresh and a shit ton of talent to be heard.

With that said, it's no longer just the fact that new artists have came around. It's not just the fact that I may dislike their music for not being my taste or not "country" enough, it's just that it is simply horrible. So trust me when I tell you, Florida Georgia Line has fell off. They went from the biggest thing to almost irrelevant.

People hated on the "bro-country" era but these guys did it so damn good that it was hard not to like their first two records. I loved almost every song from start to finish on "Here's To The Good Times" and they brought many new people into the Country music genre. Since then, they've consistently put out mediocre to bad music with maybe a few good ones here and there but today may be their worst song ever. Yes, even worse than "Yummy" with Bieber and worse than their latest feature with Nelly.

Usually when an artist puts out music that critics think are bad, it's normally due to the whole standard of what is and what isn't country, which can sometimes be annoying. However, you'll still see comments on their social media pages from fans who love it. That isn't true for FGL, however. Go to their Instagram post promoting the new song and you will see nothing but 90% hate from their fans and honestly, they deserve it.

"I got a new truck, yup. I got a new ride, whoa.

Shawty wanna ride shotty when I roll by, yup."

Flirt with hip hop, make the "bro-country," but if you're going to do it, do it good, guys.


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