Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Urge Georgia Citizens to Vote

Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Urge Georgia Citizens to Vote

Ah dammit, I'm writing something political. (Well, kind of.)

Today determines which party gains control of the Senate after two runoff elections. More than 3 million Georgia citizens have voted early, which is a statewide record for runoff's. 

It's pretty important to both parties but considering Democrat, Joe Biden, will soon take office, Republicans could put a stop to a lot of what him and his party try to do, making executive action a bigger need for Joe.

Today, Jason Aldean posted a story via Instagram urging his "fellow Georgians" to get out and vote. He added "The future of our country depends on it." with a photo of a person carrying a Kelly Loeffler sign, the conservative candidate for senator.

After his wife, Brittany, posted a story wearing a Trump hoodie during the election, it's no surprise that she also shared his post to her story as well.

It's sometimes hard to see your favorite artists have different political views than you, especially in such a divisive time. However, it's usually only celebrities from the left that share their views. And yes, even in the country music genre. So seeing someone as big as Aldean post his support for the GOP without fear of being called a "racist," must mean a lot to his fans that align on the right.

Either way, if the music is good, I will listen. 


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