Jon Pardi Releases New Whiskey Brand

Jon Pardi Releases New Whiskey Brand

Alright, y'all, I'm here for the Pardi. Literally.

From Jason Aldean, FGL, to George Strait, everyone has a signature brand of liquor nowadays and that list continues with Jon Pardi gettin' on board for his own bottle of bourbon.

Now, I will say that Jon's last name is PERFECT for creating and selling his own liquor brand, but the verdict is still out on how the creation from Buffalo Chip American Whiskey will taste and go down.

"I'm really excited for people who love bourbon. I think everyone is going to enjoy Pardi Batch 112 and Pardi Batch Tennessee whiskey. I can't wait for you to go back and get your second bottle."

We'll letchya know when it's in a location near you. I'll also personally let you know if it's worth a damn when I try it.





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