Josh Abbott Band Releases New Album 'The Highway Kind'

Josh Abbott Band Releases New Album 'The Highway Kind'

First things first, I've always enjoyed Josh Abbott Band's music, but I think this just became one of my favorite albums of the year, if not THEE favorite.

It's probably too soon for me to sit here and try to compare it to 'She's Like Texas', which is one of my all time favorite albums, and to get in to all the little specifics of why this or that album is better, so I'm just going to replay the shit out of it and enjoy it. (Butttttt on second thought, as I sit here and listen more, this may be Josh Abbott's best album. The fact that I even have to contemplate that, however, shows the consistency is unmatched.)

"Her favorite color is faded Levi blue, she folds her laundry in her birthday suit / Yells at the TV during Family Feud, puts her turquoise on when she's in the mood"

It's lyrics like that, that are so captivating, and this record is full of it. Honest, raw, and stuff that makes you feel all good and tingly inside. And "Little More You" is a perfect example of that, which was originally featured on the Catching Fire EP a year ago.

Then there's songs like "Where I Wanna Be" and "24-7-365", which are rockin' and probably make you feel more badass than you actually are. If you have quit or are trying to quit drinking, my advice would be to NOT listen to those two songs. You will fail. You will drink. You will probably throw your whole life away and lose your wife and kids and double wide trailer. 

Other notable great songs that stick out on the record are "Settle Me Down," "Women & Wishes," and "One More Two Step." Other than Randall King, I think Josh Abbott is up their with my favorite artists right now. I really like the sound. 

Well done boys, now put this shit on vinyl.


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