Justin Bieber & Florida Georgia Line Drop Yummy Country Remix

Justin Bieber & Florida Georgia Line Drop Yummy Country Remix

"Yo, JB. Talk to 'em one time"

-The voice of Tyler Hubbard before Bieber comes in with "Yeah, you got that yummy yum" in what they call is a Country remix of Justin's single "Yummy"


When I first played the song, I didn't know how to react and I don't think I understood what was happening. Bieber was doing some sort of a "southern" accent and although it HAD to be a joke, it didn't sound like a joke. His verse was a joke, right??? I'm still confused. 

In my opinion, and many others via twitter and FGL's instagram, the song is just bad. But the playful, corny vibe that they were trying to give off, was only given off by Florida Georgia Line.

"I'm yo chicken, you my dumpling"

"I be loving Waffle House but you're my Chick-Fil-A"

I read those lyrics before I listened to it and I cringed. However, they pulled off whatever the hell this was a lot better than JB. At least FGL got me to let out a slight chuckle during their part, kinda. I just mostly cringed during Biebers.

I really just wanna know who let them think this was a good idea..


Side note: It's no "Old Town Road”...


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