Justin Moore is Criminally Under-rated

Justin Moore is Criminally Under-rated

The cool (and sometimes divisive) thing about the Country music genre, is that we all have different taste and opinions on what we like. Hell, that's not only true for music genre's, it also applies with movies, food, cars, and pretty much everything else in the world.

With that said, we all know and love artists who are under-rated and think deserve more credibility. In this case, we're going with someone who HAS had mainstream success and even eight #1 singles, but in a music scene that has always predominantly favored certain artists, there are a few who get brushed under the radar. One of them? Arkansas boy, Justin Moore.

Justin first came on to the scene in 2009 with his self titled 'Justin Moore' album that featured 'Backwoods' and 'Small Town USA'. Since then, he's built a household name with singles such as 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away,' 'Bait A Hook,' 'Till My Last Day,' and 'Point At You,' just to name a few.

Not only has Justin given country fans the cream of the crop when it comes to country music, he actually has a damn good voice behind all that twang, that almost never seems to get talked about, including his latest, more traditional leaning 2019 record, 'Late Nights and Longnecks'.

When you look at his success and vocal talent, you can't help but wonder why you never seen him perform on award shows anymore. We bitch and complain every year that the Country award programs get worse (which they do) but, besides the same old pop artists performing, usually it's because artists like Tyler Childers are nowhere to be found. And that's probably because they haven't sold their soul to Nashville.

But what about the artists who HAVE had success AND make real country music? There's several of them. Where are they? And every year the first person to pop in my head is, yep..Justin Moore.

While we're at it, you can also throw 'The One's That Didn't Make It Back Home' as one of thee best songs to honor Veterans and our service members, right up there with Toby Keith.

Notable songs that should've been sent to Country radio:

  • That's How I Know You Love Me
  • Hell On A Highway
  • Flyin' Down A Back Road
  • Bed Of My Chevy
  • Someday I Gotta Quit



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