Justin Moore Releases New Album 'Straight Outta The Country'

Justin Moore Releases New Album 'Straight Outta The Country'

Just want to start off by saying I've only listened to this album twice, and a few songs maybe three times. So I ain't really here to give a big review, but what we CAN'T let happen, is this record go under the radar and not be as appreciated as it should be like "Late Nights and Long Necks " was.

This brand new album, titled "Straight Outta The Country" is only eight songs (seven if you consider that one is an acoustic version of a song already on the record) and not one of them is bad.

From the writing, to the production, and Justin's raw, twangy vocals, everything about this record is phenomenal. Hell, I haven't even listened to the new Eric Church album yet. That's how good and how underrated Justin Moore is.

So far, these are the songs I'm really diggin':

  • Consecutive Days Alive
  • More Than Me
  • You Keep Getting Me Drunk

Gonna have this record on replay for many weeks to come.


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