Kip Moore Releases Brand New Song 'How High'

Kip Moore Releases Brand New Song 'How High'

First off, Kip Moore is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated artists out there. His raspy and soulful voice is definitely in my top 10 of favorite Country artists and let me tell ya, he ain't number 10.

With his new album set to release next month, he gives us another song that has the same feel and energy from any ol' Kip Moore song were used to hearing (which is a good thing by the way) but also feels refreshing and new. 

The song starts off slow and gradually peaks, with the chorus coming at you slightly more than I expected.

Kip is a different artist than when he first exploded onto the scene back in 2012 and although I love both and have a special place in my heart for 'Beer Money' and 'Somethin' Bout A Truck', he's matured as an artist.

Take a a minute (or in this case, three) to appreciate what a hell of an artist Kip is.



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