Kip Moore Releases Highly Anticipated New Album

Kip Moore Releases Highly Anticipated New Album

I've been a fan of Kip Moore ever since 'Beer Money' and 'Somethin' Bout A Truck' hit country radio in 2012. There was something different and refreshing about his smooth raspy vocals, there was something fun about the song Beer Money that just put you in a good mood when you were drivin' around with friends in the summer, there was something angsty, yet mature and relatable, about his rockin' and rebellious 2014 single Dirt Road.

Skipping over the records in between, that leads us to his brand new one, "Wild World." Where hardly any of that content I just described exists. Instead, Kip decided to dig deeper and get more raw and let his emotions and regrets take over on this record. Once you like an artist and they've been putting out records for a while, it's easy to say "there should've been this type of song like his older stuff," etc.. However, when you just sit back and listen, this is truly a "project" and a "craft." This isn't random songs threw together from 10 different song writers. This is him, atleast a co-writer on all songs but one, his own producer, giving you a record that sounds like a personal escape and release. Especially when you're on track 13, the last song on the album. Kip sings about his fathers death.

"My Life's a credit card / Play now, pay later and I'm payin' hard"

It deserves all the attention in the world. Congrats Kip, well done.


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