Kody West Releases New Rock Song ' Buried Alive'

Kody West Releases New Rock Song ' Buried Alive'

It's once again Friday, and that calls for new music...

Out of all of the songs released tonight at midnight here on the east coast, Kody West's brand new one, "Buried Alive" is by far my favorite.

Just so we're clear, it isn't exactly "country," but just like Koe Wetzel and other artists such as Dylan Wheeler, he plays by his own rules. And Kody is one of the only artists that has albums listed as country AND rock, meaning he doesn't try to sell you something it's not. As huge fans of both genres, I respect that.

I discovered Kody in 2017 with his debut album 'Green' and instantly became a huge fan. Then in 2020, his follow up record, "Overgrown" proved he was going to be a huge artist in this industry...with no restrictions on genre. 

With an early to mid 2000's rock vibe, Kody's vocals sound amazing when belting on the chorus. 

Check the new song out below.

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