Koe Wetzel Drops Amazing New Song

Koe Wetzel Drops Amazing New Song

One of the most interesting and badass country/rock singers from Texas is back.

According to his twitter page, Koe Wetzel dropped a new song called 'Kuntry & Wistern' because he was "sick of quarantine" and his fans are already losing their mind. (Throw me in that category.)

The thing I love about Koe's music the most is the nostalgic rock vibe from the early-mid 2000's that seems to be pretty much dead. This song doesn't stray from that or disappoint.

"You said that everything was fine, then you pushed me off the edge / I think I've lost my fuckin mind, won't you help me find it?"

I told myself I had drank enough tonight, then I heard this masterpiece. So here I am...5 more whiskey's deep. Thanks Koe


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