Koe Wetzel Drops New Song, Announces New Album

Koe Wetzel Drops New Song, Announces New Album

"I'm running 'round like a fish with my head cut off, I know it don't make much sense to me either."

I'm drunk right now and so is probably Koe Wetzel, so if you're on the "head banging while feeling nauseous" level that I am, it makes a whole lot of fucking sense. How? I couldn't tell you...

BUT, we recently received an announcement that a new album titled 'Sellout' is coming plus a rockin' new song 'Good Die Young' and it's something every fan of his should love.

Fresh off the new record deal, Koe is the same guy everyone has come to know and love, but I will admit...the production on his vocals sound a hell of a lot crisper and cleaner and I dig it.

I honestly don't think he's sounded better.

The new album is set to release on November 20th and will also feature previously released singles "Kuntry & Wistern" and "Sundy Or Mundy."


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