Koe Wetzel Releases New Album 'Sellout'

Koe Wetzel Releases New Album 'Sellout'

Alright, so I'm still listening to this record as I write this but first, let me get a few things straight...

1. Koe Wetzel is not country. Also, no one gives a shit that he puts his music into that genre (even if I sound like a hypocrite for that.) As a rock AND country fan, there's no one as badass as Koe.

2. I think 'Drunk Driving' is my favorite song so far. That will probably change the more I listen to it but that's what drunk 12:30 a.m. me is feeling at the moment.

3. No one can pull off a crop top better than Koe Wetzel. Sorry ladies. Check out his new music vide for "Cold and Alone"

4. "FGA" is rockin' and now I'm taking more shots of tequila than expected. Son of a bitch.

5. Is it as good as 'Harold Saul High?' As of right now, probably not.

6. As the album closes out, I hear  "One day he went home and his wife was sucking some dick from one of his homeboys."

Time to re-visit this tomorrow. Cheers, y'all.

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