Lee Brice Releases Brand New Album ' Hey World'

Lee Brice Releases Brand New Album ' Hey World'

“When nobody knows how I feel, country always will

There's a lot of new music out today from big artists. Morgan Wallen, Koe Wetzel, Chris Young with Kane Brown, etc..

Don't forget about Lee Brice, however. This man puts his all into his records and gives you insanely good live performances. His fun energy and passion is unmatched when he's on the stage.

I want to first talk about the song "If You" at the back end of the album. 

"If you don't like our drinkin', if you don't like our trucks; if you don't like our rifles, buddy we don't give a buck."

Dammit, when I first heard it, I swore he actually threw in the "F" word. I was proud, I was high off the dopamine being released into my brain, then I gave it a second listen. Still made me wanna take a swig of whiskey and get to hell raisin' with my buddies, though. From songs like "More Beer" and "Good Ol' Boys" Lee still likes to have fun, even if his music has emerged as more mature over the past few years. Respect.

Then there's a few tear jerkers on the record. Lee is known for putting out "song of the year" type hits such as "I Don't Dance" and "I Drive Your Truck" so it's no surprise that he gave us more of those.

1. Save The Roses

Written by Lee, Kyle Jacobs and Joe Leathers, this song is about what he would rather his loved ones be doing when he's gone. It's lyrically one of the best songs I've heard.

"I appreciate y'all, yeah I really do / Brought all these flowers in your black dresses and suits. But y'all know me and you know the truth, that ain't me in that box there in front of you / Can I just get an amen and y'all just get outta here, I got the best view ever now that I'm way up here / Joking 'round with Jesus & catching up with Grandpa, Hurry up Preacher, I'm telling' y'all."

The chorus then urges his loved ones to go fishing and hunting and miss him while they're doing things they both enjoyed instead of crying in a church. I really enjoy the perspective this song was written from. Makes you feel the whole story as if it were true.

2. Lies

I'm just going to give you a quick rundown of this powerful song. 

"I'm dumb, I'm numb, I'm weird and scared / Not pretty enough to be repaired. Cant win, can't change, all I do is fail / Cant put my crazy back on the shelf. The cruelest lies of all the lies we tell, are the ones we tell ourselves."

Not to get to serious but we all have insecurities that we struggle with and times where we feel lost and broken. This emotional song highlights the fact that our own mind can be what destroy's us. This song will be big.

Lee also covers how we judge people who aren't like us and urges us to take a step back before saying or typing something out on the internet for everyone to see on "Sons and Daughters." It's not corny, it's not lyrically dull. It's powerful. It's what the world needs to hear.

"Might be a second thought to you, but once you throw that stone you never know what kind of damage you're about to do."

I can't imagine the smooth, sexy and jazzy feel of "Do Not Disturb" won't be a radio single. Lee's vocals are a bright spot on this song. There's a little bit of everything on this record and he should be damn proud of it.

Listen below:


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