Luke Combs and Billy Strings Team Up For New Collaboration

Luke Combs and Billy Strings Team Up For New Collaboration

Surprise. Written by Luke, Billy and Wyatt Durrette, the collaboration that we've all known was coming for sometime is finally here.

"This song is our interpretation of the conflicts and tension we had been witnessing/experiencing around the time we wrote it. We wanted to offer a bit of hope durring what has been a tough time for many." -Strings.

The new banjo-infused song was written back in June and was originally intended to be on a bluegrass album Luke was working on but reveals that project has been put on pause for now as he's focused on album 3.

Luke shows no sign of slowing down as he still holds the crown for the biggest thing in the genre right now and bringing someone as talented, yet lesser known, as bluegrass guitar-picker Billy Strings, along with him for this collaboration is something I wish more artists would do. There is more talent in some of these smaller guys and gals than all of Nashville put together.

This is, no doubt, the one time in America where the call for unity is needed now more than ever. However, I'm not so sure it's going to work. While I commend and respect Luke and Billy for their plea to bring us together with 'The Great Divide', I personally wouldn't have wasted my time as I don't see it happening.

Either way, I'll still enjoy the badass new song.






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