Luke Comb's Best Songs (Ranked...Sorta)

Luke Comb's Best Songs (Ranked...Sorta)

He was told by labels that his music wasn't good enough, he was turned down by NBC's hit show The Voice, but after he went viral on vine and had his song "Hurricane" blow up on Spotify, Luke Combs earned himself a record deal and a reputation of one of, if not thee, biggest country music singers out there.

If we compare his first two albums, I prefer his debut "This One's For You" just because I think it had a little bit more variety of distinct songs that will resonate with fans longer down the road and be thought of when his best songs are brought up. But that's not why I'm writing this and that's not why you're reading this. So let me take a swig of whiskey and let's get started.

(Disclaimer; this list is a combination of my opinion AND success of the song/what I think fans like(d) more)

She Got The Best Of Me

Decent song. If you like "Must've Never Met You" or "Houston, We Got A Problem" then this one is consistent and right up your alley.

When It Rains It Pours

Alright, this song was pretty huge. I liked it at first...BUT for some reason it was that one song of his that never stopped playing so I grew annoyed of it. Very annoyed. Doesn't mean it's not good though so relax, I'm adding it to the fucking list, aren't I?

Even Though I'm Leaving/Moon Over Mexico

I'm putting these two songs together because they're kinda tied for me. Fantastic songs but it's not like either of these would be the first song I'd show someone if I were introducing them to Luke Combs for the first time. Still a good example of what a Country song should sound like.

I Know She Ain't Ready

This song was from a 2014 EP before Combs put out his major label debut. It doesn't have the crazy "IT" factor but for some reason, I just dig it. 

One Number Away

I love how the two separate vibes of this song transition and mesh together perfectly. From the verse to the chorus, the lyrics, and his flashes of vulnerability, this song is one of my favorites and should always be put at the forefront of his discography.

Beautiful Crazy

I'm willing to bet over half of his fanbase would rate this number one if they were making their own list. The song is a simplistic, yet beautiful country song that women can't get enough. Understandably so. Who wouldn't want a song like this written about them? This is another one that was a little outplayed for me but I can still wholeheartedly and confidently say that this will always be in his top 5...even if/when he puts out 20 more albums. 

Must've Never Met You

I find myself not really going in order anymore because it's too damn difficult so that leads us into this song. One of his most relatable songs, but who am I kidding, the majority of his music is relatable. There's just something lyrically about this that is phenomenal. Every line hits you harder and harder, especially if you've ever gone through a heartbreak. Well fucking done, Luke.

Better Together

With nothing but a piano and his vocals, Luke made this the best song off of his sophomore record. What I love about it is that he's vividly describing things that go together really well and comparing it to his relationship. Good ol' boys and beer go really well together, she must be the one. This song keeps his reputation solidified as one of the biggest in the genre right now.

Houston, We Got A Problem

Basically..Luke is visiting Texas and realizing it's fuckin awesome. There's just one thing, she's not there with him. The pun off of the song title, how relatable it is (like all his others) and how it's emotional, yet also upbeat, is what makes it stand out. 


This is where it all began. Almost all of Luke's songs are beloved but with all of the success he's had since, I feel like this song gets buried at the bottom sometimes. Why I love it is because it has a different feel than all of his other music. Somethin' about that guitar riff that I love. It's the song that made me say "hey, I can't wait to hear more from this guy." He did a great job with the catchy chorus and making it a massive mainstream radio single. If you want to call it pop country, be my guest. But it's pop country done right.

(Hat tip to "Beer Never Broke My Heart" & "Can I Get An Outlaw")

(...Oh yeah.. and "1, 2 Many with Brooks and Dunn)




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