Luke Combs New Deluxe Album Is Finally Here

Luke Combs New Deluxe Album Is Finally Here

Damn, I got too drunk for this. Oh well...

After building a huge amount of anticipation on social media by teasing acoustic clips every Monday for the past 5 weeks, the biggest country star in the world right now is back and probably breaking the internet as we speak (or as I type, but you get the point.)

Forever After All was the most anticipated song from this new 5 track deluxe album and just in case you've been living under a rock, Luke Combs twitter poll asking which song the fans are most excited for, garnished over 37,000 votes with that song winning at 78%.

We've only heard acoustic clips of "Forever After All", and although the production wasn't over the top and in your face, it was more upbeat than 'Beautiful Crazy' and definitely more than just the piano we heard from 'Better Together'.

...which I actually really liked.

My other two favorite brand new songs included the slight 90's feel in 'Cold As You' and the upbeat, yet emotional and honest sound in 'The Other Guy'. 

Looks like Billboards top country artist shows no sign of slowing down. He continuously outdoes himself and is as real and humble as it gets. The country music genre desperately needed a songwriter and singer like Luke and that's why he's connected with so many people and turned every single into a number  one.

(Oh and I just checked twitter. I was right, he's breaking the internet. Also, in honor of last nights CMT award show, I've shotgunned 3 beers while writing this. Oops.)


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