What Would Luke Combs Be Doing If He Didn’t Sing Country Music?

What Would Luke Combs Be Doing If He Didn’t Sing Country Music?

While there aren't to many people making better music on country radio than Luke Combs, there also aren't that many people more entertaining and truthful than him, either. After recently joining the SVPod, Luke sat down to discuss his personal life, football, and, well...a little country music.

It gets pretty interesting..

"We're talking about country music here. If anybody looks the part, its me. Throw these other guys at the Jiffy Lube and they're going to look out of place. You put me at the Jiffy Lube and you are going to think I manage the son of a bitch."

If you asked me what I thought Luke Combs would be doing if he didn't sing country music? Well, there's your answer. He's more self aware than most, or at least more honest.

And if there ever was such a beautiful thing as the "Shotgunning Beers" olympics, that would probably be his backup plan. The man would be on his third beer before I finished my first. Amidst the humbleness, he has no problem showing off when it comes to that.

So with everything he's good at, he's also pretty creative when it comes to makin' bets. Luke ain't exactly the "$50.00" type of bettin' man, however. He's the guy who wishes extreme embarrassment in wanting to make his balding keyboard player have come out on stage without a hat. Lucky for him, he won and Luke lost.

"I had to go vegan for three months. I made it 60 days. I ended up in the Florida Keys and I was like, I'm not NOT having fish."

How in the hell did he go 60 days on a bet? That's commitment if I ever did see it.




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