Luke Combs Shares Brand New Song

Luke Combs Shares Brand New Song

Arguably the biggest star in country music right now is back at it again with something new. Not anything we can stream or purchase on Apple or Spotify yet, but I don't know of anyone complaining about raw, live acoustic videos during this quarantine.

Shared via social media, Luke Combs gives us a new song that feels real and true to himself. All the things he wanted to be growing up, like a football player, race-car driver, or a college graduate, Luke says he's glad he took the path he did. (So are we, FYI)

"I couldn't be anybody but me, even if i tried / Used to wish I was but I'm glad I'm not."

His song writing keeps getting better and better...which is why we need this recorded ASAP. Yes, it's that good.  Listen below.



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