Luke Combs Discusses Being Turned Down In Nashville

Luke Combs Discusses Being Turned Down In Nashville

Throwback time.

In an interview with Bobby Bones back in February, Luke discusses how one of his close friends was able to get him a meeting with a BMI songwriter rep right after moving to Nashville. During that meeting, he played him what would eventually become his first three #1 singles.

  • Hurricane
  • When It Rains
  • One Number Away

However, according to the rep, Luke's songwriting "needed work" and he was rejected.

Luke shares that he's not mad and that the person, whom he won't name drop, probably doesn't even remember meeting him...but part of me doesn't believe that's true. Regardless, if the guy does remember him, I hope he feels like a fucking idiot. He had a meeting with the biggest artist in the genre right now and blew it.

Here's the video below. It will automatically start where this meeting is discussed.

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