Luke Combs to Release New Acoustic Song Every Week Before Album

Luke Combs to Release New Acoustic Song Every Week Before Album

With today's way of streaming music and the pandemic leaving a ton of time on hands, there's a few artists who have been crankin' out music left and right. And yep, Luke is at the top of them. 

He's releasing a deluxe edition of his most recent album, What You See Is What You Get, with 5 new songs and two never heard before. He shared on twitter that he plans to post an acoustic video every Monday singing one new song before the album drops. (Good news, it's monday. Tune in on social media at 7 PM ET)

Fans went nuts over the statement but I gotta be a little honest here; artists have gotta stop giving away all of their new music before the album's are out. There's been several albums alone over the past year where there were only 3-6 brand new songs (yes, THREE) due to artists releasing one every friday to streaming services or playing them acoustically and posting videos on social media. Look, I love snippets and teases and a few songs released before an album to build anticipation and not have to wait 2 damn years, but now that Luke is going to post a video a week, those "two never before heard songs" will now be heard, even if they're just acoustic. Which new song. Yeah, I could choose to ignore the videos and wait for the album but c'mon, let's be real, It's Luke fucking Combs. I couldn't resist if I tried.

At the end of the day, let's just sit back and enjoy the new music from the best in the game right now. Cheers


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