Midland Releases Brand New EP 'The Last Resort'

Midland Releases Brand New EP 'The Last Resort'

It's not a full length album but it'll do...

For the first time in 2 years, Midland releases 5 new songs on a brand new EP, titled "The Last Resort."

"We're always trying to challenge ourselves as far as what the presentation looks like and be thoughtful in terms of creating a space that is interesting, both visually and sonically." - Mark Wystrach.

This is the sound you'd expect from a Midland record but it still feels fresh. My personal favorite after giving the EP a couple listens, is the first track "And Then Some."

"Finally shaved my face again and I finally opened up the window shades / 
And I was able to get up without whiskey in my coffee cup, today / 
They dont say that it's way overdue, Finally feel like I'm getting over you."
The whole record is damn good. Check it out below.

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