Morgan Wallen Announces 'More Than My Hometown' As Next Single

Morgan Wallen Announces 'More Than My Hometown' As Next Single

Fans begged for this song to be released for what, about a year now? Not only did Morgan deliver, he's also sending the song straight to country radio as his next single.

There are certain artists who make albums and the only songs you know from them are what was/is on the radio. With a little help from streaming service apps and a huge die hard fan base, that doesn't necessarily ring true for guys like Morgan Wallen or Luke Combs. Just think how long everyone was singin' "Chasin' You" off Wallen's debut album before it hit country radio? Speaking of, it just went number 1. So to mostly all the older folks still crankin' there local country radio stations at work and in their vehicles, this is an extra blessing for y'all.

"I love you more than a California sunset / More than a beer when you aint 21 yet"

Morgan confirmed we're getting an album from him this year, I imagine with this pandemic still happening, there's still no official release date. 

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