Morgan Wallen Releases New '7 Summers' Music Video

Morgan Wallen Releases New '7 Summers' Music Video

Que every dramatic Disney channel father and son moment in Morgan Wallen's brand new music video for his hit song '7 Sumers'.

"Son, you're giving up your dream. No, dad, I'm giving up YOUR dream"

Lol. Okay, so a quick rundown of the music video, that's actually a lot more than just a music video, starts with Morgan contemplating giving up his future baseball career. His perceived girlfriend tells him to follow his dreams while his dad, on the other hand, isn't pleased.

I would never suggest Morgan go into acting, but it was a pretty good "short film" and video, also taking in the fact that I normally hate music videos that do this (especially Aldean's 'You Make It Easy' having THREE completely different music videos to click on and watch.)

Morgan also hinted that he snuck in his next album release date in the video. I noticed the number 21 on a jersey so I'll assume it won't be until next year.

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