Morgan Wallen Shares Clip Of Brand New Song 'Wasted On You'

Morgan Wallen Shares Clip Of Brand New Song 'Wasted On You'

Shared via instagram, asking for his fans "two cents" on a rough acoustic take, Morgan teased a new song he recently wrote with Josh Thompson, Ernest and Charlie Handsome. 

When I first saw the title 'Wasted On You' I thought it was going to be another typical getting' drunk because he got dumped kinda song. However, much like HARDY, Wallen always finds a cool way to put a spin on the typical of typicals in country music with his song-writing. While yes, he's basically wasted because of her, the spin is also adding up everything he's also wasted on her. It's clever. It's genius. I need a drink now.

"Memory gets to burnin, lean back on the bourbon / Sure as hell can't be leanin' on you"

Wallen said he's been back to writing for album number two and given the reaction in his comments, I'll have to guess that this song will be on it. And if y'all want my opinion, it's damn good.




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  • Caitlyn Morgan

    Morgan Wallen never disappoints, definitely one of my top country artist! Love the clip RELEASE it

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