Morgan Wallen Teases Another Brand New Song 'Somebody's Problem'

Morgan Wallen Teases Another Brand New Song 'Somebody's Problem'

After announcing that his label is letting him release a double album, Morgan Wallen shares another new song via his instagram story titled 'Somebody's Problem'.

I struggle with wanting to hear music from these guys before it's released, yet also thinking everyone needs to stop releasing over half of their damn album before it comes out. The good thing with Morgan is that he usually only shares quick demos and does not release the full studio version to iTunes. 

There's no doubt that Luke Combs is the biggest thing in country music right now, but it seems that Morgan gets the most social media attention at the moment, more than any other country star. I mean, just search '7 Summers' on twitter and you'll find tweets that have over 20k likes begging him to release it.

While 'Wasted On You' has been a personal favorite of mine to hear, this new one is damn good has this fans going nuts as well.

You can hear the song from the tweet below. Thanks to @jerissaingram for screen recording. Cheers


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