Morgan Wallen's New Double Album 'Dangerous' Is Here

Morgan Wallen's New Double Album 'Dangerous' Is Here

It's finally here. Morgan Wallen's highly anticipated sophomore album and the internet is losing it.

And for a sophomore album, it's what any Morgan Wallen fan could have ever hoped for...30 fuckin' songs.

I have mixed emotions all across the board with this record, but I've only listened to it once so far so I'm not going to completely dive into it. I will however add that this record is pretty different than his first. It's still Morgan and still what we've been hearing from him with his social media teasers over the past year, but different. 

Two of the songs that I was really looking forward to were "Warning" and "Wasted On You." Something about those really stuck out to me when I heard the acoustic versions on Morgan's Instagram. However, both of them disappointed with the hip-hop sounding computerized beats.  Especially "Warning," due to the snap track from the very start of the song.

Let me be clear, though; I am not some uptight traditionalist who thinks country music should ONLY sound like Childers or that it can't have any percussion or songs about beer drinkin'. Hell, some of those people do not understand the other half of country folk. You know, the beer drinkin', gun totin', hell raisin, truck lovin', rednecks. 

With all of that said, there was some disappointment. However, there was also a lot of upside to this record. My brains just all jumbled right now from the Jack Daniels and the fact that there were 30 songs that I'm still trying to sort through.

I'll get into a full album review later but I will start by saying the second half of this double record was all country and overall, pretty solid. No matter how you look at it, I expect this to be HUGE for Morgan. There's no one that has a fan base as fired up as him and Luke Combs do and if I'm being completely real, Morgan Wallen is the complete package right now.

Stand out songs:

  • Sand In My Boots
  • 865
  • Neon Eyes
  • Your Bartender
  • Only Thing That's Gone Ft. Chris Stapleton
  • Still Goin' Down
  • Blame It On Me
  • Me On Whiskey
  • Wonderin' Bout The Wind
  • Quittin’ Time






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