Morgan Wallen's Sales Skyrocket After Latest Incident

Morgan Wallen's Sales Skyrocket After Latest Incident

Despite being removed from multiple playlists and the biggest radio stations in the country, Morgan Wallen's sales and streams have gone through the roof since he was caught on camera using a racial slur.

Several people, including other country stars, have called for Morgan's label, Big Loud Records, to drop him completely. His fans have expressed disappointment via social media but most aren't willing to abandon him and cancel him just yet. No matter how you feel about it, whether racism is being "tolerated" or whatever view you may hold, this was almost to be expected considering Morgan is not just the biggest thing in country music right now, he's one of the biggest artists across all genres since his massive double album release.

Also take into consideration, any publicity usually attracts interest to listen to the guy who has been making headlines on the internet, especially if you didn't know who he was before. 

According to Billboard, Morgan's airplay has dropped 74% since the incident, while his streams have slightly increased. His sales, however, have skyrocketed. On February 2nd, Morgan's sales were 5,100 and soared to 35,200 on February 4th.

Morgan's career will always have this blemish on it, but it ain't over. By any means.


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