Parker McCollum Releases Brand New Album 'Gold Chain Cowboy'

Parker McCollum Releases Brand New Album 'Gold Chain Cowboy'

The highly anticipated brand new album from rising Texas Country singer, Parker McCollum, is finally here.

While living in a world full of long double albums, Parker McCollum gives us ten of his very best, four of which were already put out before the release of "Gold Chain Cowboy."

While I hate the fact that so many songs are released before an album drop, I especially hate that when the album is so short. It usually makes the album feel like it was here and gone in a flash. However, Parker McCollum established himself as a TRUE artist on this record, not giving us half-assed material just to make the album longer. 

My favorites on this record as of right now are "Rest Of My Life" and "Drinkin'," two of which we already got to here before tonight. I can't lie though, "Never Loved You At All" may be played the most when It comes time for me to turn this record on. It's funky, it's a little honky-tonk, and it honestly just has that "vibe" that I love. While I haven't listened enough to review it, (especially while sober) this album is damn good.

Rest Of My Life:

“That was right at the beginning of COVID, when there was really a shutdown time and nobody was going anywhere. I was doing a bunch of things I shouldn’t have been doing and staying up all night and trying to get messed up and write sad country songs—things I’d done so many times. I’d been humming this melody in my head all night, and I went to sleep and woke up the next morning and was sitting around the house. I think I recorded the melody on my phone and put it on the Bluetooth speaker, and I was just listening to the melody while I was in the shower, and just right there, I was like, ‘That’s it.’ And I got out of the shower, sat down, and wrote the song in, like, 10 to 15 minutes, put the harmonica part to it, got back in the shower, and went about my day.”

Pretty Heart

“That song literally changed my life. Number one, gold, platinum—all good things. I’d had the idea for that song since 2014, and it was one of my first cowrites ever in Nashville. I was writing with Randy Montana, who’s a good buddy of mine now, and didn’t really have any ideas that I was stoked on. As honest and genuine as we could tell the story, we laid it down on paper, and I remember not liking it. And then we went and cut it in the studio, and when we were recording it, I remember thinking, ‘This song’s a lot better than I gave it credit for.’ The label really was who pushed me to cut it. I don’t think I would’ve cut it had they not wanted to hear a demo of it. I think the demo is the one that is the actual track that’s out. Anytime you sign a record deal on your first song out of the gate and it goes number one, that’s a great thing.”

To Be Loved By You

 “That’s my favorite track on the record, I think. One day, we were on the bus, and I’d actually said it out loud to my merch guy, Lane. Hallie Ray, my now-fiancée, we were kind of going through it at the time. I said out loud, ‘Man, what does a man have to do to be loved by that girl?’ And he was like, ‘Man, you should write that down.’ And so, we were on our way to the bus to go on the road and got on there and got in the back with the guitar and literally just freestyled the first verse, and the chorus just popped. Exactly how it came out is exactly how it is on the record.”





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