Parker McCollum Releases Brand New EP

Parker McCollum Releases Brand New EP

After blowing up the Texas music scene and recently gaining his first top 10 hit on country radio with the song 'Pretty Heart', Parker McCollum is back with a brand new 6 track EP.

Titled Hollywood Gold, the record was named after his grandfathers race horse from many, many years ago.

I've listened to this EP three times in the past hour and if I'm being honest, all three times I've changed what I consider my favorite song to be. That's not necessarily me being indecisive, that's just how you know you've made a great record.

If you follow Parker’s music, you'll know a few of the songs on this EP have already been shared, such as ‘Like A Cowboy’, written by Chris Stapleton. With that said, I REALLY like 'Hallie Ray Light' and 'Hold Me Back'. Fuck, I also really like 'Love You Like That.' Damn, the whole thing is just that good, I guess.

Maybe I AM indecisive after all. Regardless, I'm excited to see Parker continue to grow into a country music superstar like we've witnessed Cody Johnson, Luke Combs, Riley Green and Morgan Wallen do.


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