Parker McCollum Releases New Song 'To Be Loved By You'

Parker McCollum Releases New Song 'To Be Loved By You'

I've always hated the cliche's about starting over and starting fresh just because a number on the calendar changed. However, this time around, you can bet your ass I was excited to see 2020 over and done with.

My pinky on my right hand is bleeding on the white keyboard, I haven't had breakfast or lunch, I'm hungover as hell, but Parker McCollum dropped a new song on the first day of 2021 so we're focusing on what's important.

"Why are you always angry, why are you always quiet? / Why do you sleep alone when I know you don't like it?

Maybe you might be different, would it kill you to tell me the truth? / What in the hell does a man have to do to be loved by you?"

Fresh off his first number 1 on Country radio, Parker shows no signs of slowing down with this new one. In fact, it's one he's been playing live for quite some time now so fans have either heard it at one of his shows, or like myself, heard it on the good ol' Youtube.

The confusion and this sort of 'begging and pleading' call to understand her in the storyline doesn't come off desperate because the song, for one, is actually pretty upbeat. I've only listened to it about 3 times but I can confidently say that this is already one of my favorite songs from him. 

Parker is a dude.


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