Possible Human Remains Found Near RV: What We Know So Far

Possible Human Remains Found Near RV: What We Know So Far

We're just a little over a day after after a parked RV exploded in downtown Nashville early christmas morning and the investigation is still on-going.

Okay, so what we know so far is that the parked RV had a recorded warning that the RV was going to explode in a matter of minutes blaring from it's speakers. That recorded warning probably saved multiple lives which begs the question, why in the hell was the RV parked there to explode in the first place? To cause fear and panic? Was someone inside? Because, If I am a sick and deranged enough, I am not building a bomb to explode while warning others it is going to explode. Hopefully the police find answers.

According to officials, the explosion tore into at least 41 businesses on 2nd avenue and one building partially collapsed.

Department Chief of Metro Nashville Police, John Drake, stated investigators found tissue near the blast site. How close or how far the tissue was found to where the RV exploded was not said, however, the tissue is being examined to see whether or not it is human remains. As of now, we there were no fatalities and only 3 slightly injured.

Thank you to the police and first responders for working through this on Christmas day.


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