Post Malone, An Unsung Hero in the Independent Country Music Movement

Post Malone, An Unsung Hero in the Independent Country Music Movement

Many factors have gone into this emergence of REAL country music gaining popularity at a rapid pace: The soundtrack for the hit TV series ‘Yellowstone’, streaming services, artists realizing they don’t need to sell their rights away to big record labels to succeed, and lastly big name celebrities/artists sharing their favorites via social media and/or wearing their apparel. One of the biggest and most well known artists to do this is none other than Post Malone.o

As a Texas native, It’s no secret Malone is a fan of Country and Western/Roots music.

Here’s a video of a young Austin Post (Pre Malone) singing and picking to Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t think Twice it’s Alright’ :

Shortly after releasing his sophomore album ‘beerbongs & bentleys’ Post joined Dwight Yoakam on SiriusXM picking, grinning and singing along to Yoakams hit song from 1993 ‘A Thousand Miles From Nowhere’ 

Just this past month Post Malone has used what seems like every opportunity possible to rep independent country artist apparel and even hang out with some of them. 

Malone rocking a Tyler Childers shirt with high school basketball player Noah Veluzat on November 1st:

On November 12th, Post was in a picture with rising bluegrass phenom Billy Strings: 

And then Again on November 23rd:

Post Malone is evidently also a big fan of western swing as he was seen in a Colter Wall shirt supporting his latest record ‘Western Swing and Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs’ on November 18th:  

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