Randall King Releases 90's Sounding New Song 'Hey Moon'

Randall King Releases 90's Sounding New Song 'Hey Moon'

Sometimes I wonder if every Randall King song is actually that good or if I'm just blinded by his silky smooth vocals and traditional sound.

Either way, this guy is my favorite artist in the genre right now.

We all call King underrated but maybe he's kind of not, maybe it's just that he's still widely unheard of and only gettin' started. Regardless, he has huge momentum and I expect him to continue to excite and satisfy those country music fans that and yearning for that traditional, George Strait type of sound within the genre. 

Consistency is key for any artist, whether they're trying to maintain longevity or simply continuing to build off of what is making them unique and popular...so even if/when artists do change, you still know it's them. And this is definitely a Randall King song..make no mistake. It also has a touch of 90's. Which is, by the way, a GREAT thing. Plus, I've come to realization that any country song with the word "Moon" in the title is a fucking hit.

'Hey Moon' is the second released single from his upcoming EP, titled "Leanna", named after his late sister. Listen below.

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