Randall King Releases Brand New Single

Randall King Releases Brand New Single

At a time where the country music genre can still sometimes be referred to as a hot mess, there is still a lot to be excited about. The reason for that excitement? Artists like Randall King.

Straight out of Texas and fresh off a new record deal, some people refer to King as the next George Strait, and although the huge "household" reputation of George may never come for Randall since the genre has changed so much, that's perfectly okay. Just know, with the his voice, charisma and style, he probably still really is the next George Strait.

Today, he released a brand new song 'Takin' It As It Comes', the first single from his upcoming EP titled after his sister, 'Leanna', who tragically died earlier in the year. The first thing you hear that makes King so special and stand out are his smooth and clean, yet vulnerable vocals. The second is the traditional country sound, yet with a simple but crisp production.

Stop sleeping on this guy. When you have it, you have it. People like Cody Johnson have it, people like Jon Pardi have it, and Randall King REALLY fucking has it.


Check out some of my favorite clips of Randall, via our twitter page:



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