Randall King Releases New EP 'Leanna'

Randall King Releases New EP 'Leanna'

There's no doubt in my mind that Randall King is going to be one of the next biggest country stars. As country radio keeps getting worse in most aspects, there's been a resurgence and desire for real country music. Just look at Stapleton, Cody Johnson, Riley Green and more.

With that said, there's still a huge hole and a ton of room left that only someone with a smooth and traditional voice could fill. That person? Randall King. Speaking of his last name, he's really the only artist that can truly be compared to George Strait. While Randall is unique and is his own artist, it's still a comparison almost anyone kill for.

Today, he released an EP, titled 'Leanna', named after his late sister. While it features 'Takin' It As It Comes' and 'Hey Moon', the one song that I was highly anticipating was 'Around Forever'  and it didn't disappoint.

Randall is THEE best in the business right now.

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