Riley Green Debuts Brand New Song 'Keep Comin Around'

Riley Green Debuts Brand New Song 'Keep Comin Around'

Lately, I've been hating how some artists release about half of their album over the "pre-sale" weeks ahead of the actual release date. Sure, you gotta release a few, give the fans something to hold them over and while also helping make sure it debuts higher on the charts. However, an even BETTER way of doing almost the same thing, is just releasing an acoustic teaser on your social media. It's more raw and intimate with your fans and still creates buzz while not giving away the studio album version. Plus, it helps generate more followers on social media.

With that said, Riley Green has been doing this A LOT lately and no one, not a single fucking soul, is complaining. I don't know how certain artists continue to crank out hit after hit, but Riley Green is definitely apart of that slim group. Oh, and it’s only the beginning for him.

That beanie and mustache? Name a better duo.

Take a listen below:

"I keep comin' around even though I got out, I'm in love with a girl that loves a nowhere town, so I keep comin' around."



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