Riley Green Releases New Album 'Behind The Bar'

Riley Green Releases New Album 'Behind The Bar'

First things first, the length of this album is only a song or two more than your average EP, and at a time where everyone seems to be releasing double albums, that may feel a little disappointing. But when you just released arguably your best project and arguably the best country music of the year so far, you don't need 15-30 new songs.

I can't sit here and say that with over time, these songs will beat out "Georgia Time," "Different Round Here," or "Get That Man A Beer" for me personally, but this album is the full package. It wasn't that I ever necessarily thought before that Riley hadn't reached his potential or that his music wasn't quite there yet, but this project just clicks. The lyrics and story-telling, the production, the instrumentation, the vocals. What I'm trying to say is, he's polished and perfected his craft.

From the second the first song, "Behind The Bar" kicked in, that guitar riff had me wanting to pop a top at 8am. That's Riley's best upbeat song so far. (Sorry to 'There Was This Girl'.)

Most of these songs have already been posted from Riley himself via social media or from shitty cell phone recordings at live concerts. I try not to watch those too much because I want a raw first experience if and when these songs make album cuts, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't crank the shit out "I Let A Damn Good Women Leave" when he did an acoustic video of it last year.

Addressing the racial tension in the south between pride and the history of racial injustice, Riley still ain't afraid to include the word "Dixie" in a a song title, as some people, *cough* Dixie Chicks *cough* are removing the word from their name and song titles, distancing themselves from the south and it's heritage. Riley shares what it's really about for him...

"That age you just can't believe what you see on the news, 'round here we aint just black and white, cause we're all red, white, and blue."

(I'm sure Mickey Guyton will try and stay relevant and have something to say on twitter about it. Sorry, not sorry.)

Riley is only going to get bigger, as he should. This is what Country music is about.

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