Riley Green's Music Video 'If It Wasn't For Trucks' Overview

Riley Green's Music Video 'If It Wasn't For Trucks' Overview

Holy smokes, that finger-point at 3:08 was cooler than ice. 

To be blunt, I hate Riley Green, and I’ll tell you why. Riley was probably picked first in every pickup game ever, got a 4.0 GPA, was captain of the football team, seduced girls with his handsome charm and guitar picking, and the girl in the music video doesn’t even need a comment. Riley is the 1%. I’m not saying the guy hasn’t worked hard, but I’m saying he probably didn’t have to work as hard as the rest of us. Not to mention the customer has elite lettuce and that is very evident in this video.

As far as grades go, “If It Wasn’t For Trucks” isn’t a bad tune. It will bring you back to what’s important in life - family, first cars, $5/hour jobs, and the pursuit of love. Lyrically and rhythmically - this song is roughly a 6/10. However, I don’t think it was supposed to be lyrically ground breaking anyway. I will be listening to this when windows down weather permits. 

The song was written by Riley and Randy Montana (is that a real name?) I can always respect an artist much more when they are involved in the writing process, and if you are talking about Merle and old dogs, I’m not NOT a fan. Does that make me a dull-witted listener? Maybe, but those two topics pull on my heart and I can’t help it.

In an interview with CMT, he was asked what he remembered most about the shoot, he responded with “I brought up a truck of mine from Alabama and of course it overheated while we were filming. Thankfully it cooled down and we were able to keep going.”

We still love those old trucks, don’t we? 

Enjoy the video and the much better looking people than you below:

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