Sam Hunt Playing Good Music?

Sam Hunt Playing Good Music?

It is true that historically I have been a big antagonist of Sam Hunt. The guy makes awful “country” music and I let people know about it. That is, until today?

Sam Hunt can be seen partaking in something he himself has been an antagonist of in years past: music worth listening to.



When was the sudden change of heart for the country music poser? Was it immediately after I cyber bullied him into oblivion (DUI hit piece that I claimed wasn’t a hit piece but actually was, in fact, a hit piece?) Probably not but I’ll take 0.1% credit for it anyway.  I’m also not advocating for cyber bullying, but considering there is a slim chance that harsh internet criticism started turning Sam Hunt into a better version of himself, we may start needing to look at cyber bullying on a case by case basis. 

Either way, enjoy the bluegrass music that Sam stopped by on the Bobby Bones show today to play.


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